Our Attorney

Thomas McKenzie

Thomas McKenzie is a REALTOR® AND a licensed attorney.

He has provided legal representation in numerous probate and trust administration cases. He brings a level of knowledge and experience to the process far in excess of the vast majority of REALTORS® or real estate agents.

In addition to those same services you would receive from any REALTOR® or real estate agent who is not an attorney, the following additional services and benefits are available to our clients.

Estate Planning – Mr. McKenzie has been a well-known estate planning attorney for over 25 years. In many real estate transactions, there are issue which come up that “cross-over” with estate planning issues, for example, issues of title, property taxes, capital gains taxes, trusts, Wills, powers of attorney, etc. In such cases, having a Realtor who is also an accomplished attorney can be extremely beneficial to help you recognize those cross-over issues, before they cause you harm.

Asset Protection – No one wants to work for years, only to lose a portion of their assets as a result of unnecessary court procedures, nursing home costs, and the like. Sometimes, there ways you can act, in advance, to protect yourself, your family, and your home from the adverse consequences of poor planning. When purchasing real estate, or when selling your property and moving elsewhere, sage advice can be extremely beneficial. However, this legal advice cannot be given by the ordinary real estate agent or broker. It must be given by an experienced and licensed attorney. The fact that NextHome Estates Realty Group is owned by a licensed attorney who is available to assist our clients, can be a great benefit.

Trust and Probate Sales

As a REALTOR®, Mr. McKenzie is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, and as an attorney, he has had years of experience dealing with probate cases.

He would review with you, and explain certain legal issues related to the selling of property within a probate or a trust administration case.

He would advise you on strategies relating to property tax issues, Proposition 13, and possible avoidance of reassessment.

If Mr. McKenzie represents you as the Executor of an estate, or the Trustee of a trust, and is also your REALTOR® who assists in the sale of the property, he will discount the cost of his services for BOTH the legal process and the sale process, which could save you thousands.

Disclaimer: “Thomas McKenzie” as a REALTOR®, and “McKenzie Legal & Financial” are separate entities. Mr. McKenzie may give legal advice as part of his representation of real estate clients, in order to assist them in the purchase or sale process, as well as help them to avoid certain mistakes which could be problematic or costly. However, an attorney-client relationship is neither implied nor expressly created in response to the statements made in this website. If someone wishes to form an attorney-client relationship with Mr. McKenzie regarding a specific legal matter, then a signed retainer agreement for legal services between the attorney and the client must be executed.

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