The majority of homebuyers purchase a property to use as primary residence, but some buyers also purchase rental properties, a vacation home for family use, to rent out, for equity gain, or to use as a primary residence during retirement. The resort and second-home and investment market differs in a number of ways from primary residential market. Buyer interest ranges from small, rustic getaways to luxury properties, and includes an international clientele and the investment and retirement markets.

Buying, selling, or managing second homes in a resort, recreational, and/or vacation destination requires understanding of the recreation and lifestyle market, tax treatment of vacation and second homes, and real estate investment.

Our owner/broker, Thomas McKenzie, has earned the Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist Certification (RSPS®) from the National Association of REALTORS®. RSPS® is recognized as an official NAR® Certification, and allows buyers and sellers to have confidence in the ability of a REALTOR® who specializes in buying, selling or management of properties for investment, development, retirement, or second homes in a resort, recreational and/or vacation destination, to assist them with their search.

Mr. McKenzie is also a licensed attorney, with over 25 years’ experience in real estate, estate planning, taxes, asset protection and business entities. This is a powerful combination of skills for those who wish to purchase investment properties, second homes, or resort properties. If you are in the market to purchase such a property, we would be happy to assist you in finding just the right property that you are looking for.


Special Program for Investors

For those who wish to purchase such properties, if you choose Thomas McKenzie to represent you in the purchase as your REALTOR®, you will not only have an experienced and credentialed REALTOR® on your side, but if the property is valued at $400,000 or more, Mr. McKenzie can also draft a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to hold your new property, to protect your other assets and properties from liability which may be related to your ownership interest in your new investment property.  At your option, this service would be provided by Mr. McKenzie as part of his representation of you as your REALTOR®, at no additional cost!

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